The importance of being prepared – First Aid Kits

  Being Prepared with a first aid kit can help at a very critical time.  It is important to have your kit stocked at all times.  Some kits just put the bare necessities inside, but there is always the what if?  What if I need tweezers?  What if I need 6 inch gauze pads?  Having a kit already filled for you is one way to go, but you can also make your own and personalize it to your specific needs. The first aid kit above, made by Coleman, is a great starter kit. A night of camping or a day of hiking would be great examples of where you could use this kit. Other kits have many more items depending on how long one will be away from home. Some people could choose to be camping for days or weeks. Some people choose to go into parts of the wilderness where there are no other people. A dependable first aid kit could mean the difference between life and death.

The following First Aid Kits are worth taking a look at, whether you’re looking for one for your car, dorm room, home, or on an adventure.  Which kit do I really need?

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